Friday, 1 August 2014

Antoinette & Sukhi's Wedding-Part 1

Now on to the two day wedding extravaganza which I have been very much looking forward to sharing with you! The brave couple who were up for the challenge of planning two weddings were Antoinette and Sukhi. They were married at the very beginning of August in two completely different ceremonies on consecutive days. Day one was their elegant, romantic, English wedding at Brockencote Hall in Kidderminster, a venue I absolutely love! The building is a victorian manor house set in 70 acres of beautiful countryside complete with a scenic lake and an original, restored dovecote. 
Ant was the picture of calmness when I arrived as she began having her hair and make up done alongside her entourage of family, friends and bridesmaids. Then it was time for Sukhi to arrive and for all those who know him, know that he is a very chilled, down to earth bloke, which made photographing him a real joy. After giving him his gift from Ant, a stunning pocket watch, we grabbed his groomsmen and heading outside to enjoy the sunshine. They definitely had some sort of divine intervention as the rain that was forecast all day only came much later on in the evening. 
In what proved a really shrewd and creative decision, the guys decided that they wanted to enhance Brockencote further by matching the same purple and grey colours synonymous with the hall, with the colours they chose for their wedding. For a photographer, this worked really well because whenever I looked through my viewfinder the colours complimented each other beautifully.
The guests were able to enjoy the gardens and the unexpected sunshine which, gave me the opportunity to take the guys off and capture the shots that I believe I am known for - relaxed, fun, natural, couple shots, with a hint of genuine romance which, both Ant & Sukhi wanted too.
Also this indecision in the weather made for some really dramatic skies overhead which only added to the images we managed to achieve.
Most of Ant's family had travelled from South Africa for the event but unfortunately her brother, who is currently serving in the Military, couldn't make it (for obvious reasons). If you're wondering, he's the one on the iPhone making appearances throughout the day! However, in what proved to be a really emotional moment, he surprised Ant with a video message, including a few hilarious sketch's in which he roped in his mates from the base to act out.
The last thing to do was to catch a few shots of Ant having her Henna applied for their Indian celebration the following day, before heading off to check into my hotel and prepare for wedding number two. I had a feeling of both excitement and slight apprehension as this was going to be my first Indian wedding since I started ATD! 
It's been around two years since I met the guys at the Brockencote fayre and first heard about the ambitious plans for their weddings. I've really enjoyed getting to know Antoinette and Sukhi as a couple, at their home in London and here in the midlands and play this pivotal role. 
It's funny to think that they are two people I would never have met if it wasn't for this pretty amazing job that I have!

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