Friday, 24 October 2014

Angie & Liam's Wedding

In late October, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Angie & Liam at Stubton Hall, a 19th century country house set in the countryside of Lincolnshire. The guys were lucky that they found their ideal venue on a date that suited their busy lifestyle, thus giving them a small yet exciting planning period. With this in mind, I was so glad that I was available and got the opportunity to be involved in this day, even better that it took me back to my home county and the beauty of a location that I love.
Angie, along with her mum Jean and her bridesmaids, Dolly, Faye, Odille, Bella and Esme, started the day by having their hair and make up done in one of the 22 bedrooms that Stubton has to offer and of course I joined them to make sure I looked handsome enough too! ;-) With the added bonus of beautiful green wallpaper which, I suppose, was poetic coincidence that it fit so well with Angie's green theme. She was a bride full of fun and warmth and was nothing but chilled out and excited in the tense moments before heading down stairs to join Liam and kick off this new chapter of their life.
The 'Chocolate Bar' is a really cool space for groom shots so we decided to meet there so Liam could finish getting ready. As you can see, he laid out a cigar and whiskey as a present for his best man and each of his groomsmen which, I'm sure you'll agree, was a perfect gift for any bloke!
They had a civil ceremony which took place in the stunning, light-filled 'Music Room', aided by the floristry skills of Jacaranda Flowers. Angie and her Dad walked down the aisle, accompanied by a string quartet, with Liam eagerly waiting with his best man at the front. Then it was time to recite their vows while their best friends Garry and Dolly stood close behind.
If you've seen their pre-wed, you'll know that both the bride and groom (and many other guests too) are in the RAF so, there was little nods throughout to their second love, the obvious being the guys in their really smart uniforms and Angie & Liam walking through a glorious 'Guard of Honour' set up by their colleagues as they left the ceremony.
The weather was not looking good but somehow we still managed to grab a lot of amazing couple shots in about 10 minutes, showcasing all the elements of the venue that I wanted before the heavens opened and we had to make a mad dash inside. Honestly, to do that much in such a short time took all my planning, professionalism and creativity to pull off and I believe it proves that the key is to find a photographer that gets you as a couple. The guys gave me everything and along with their experience they took away from their pre-wed, we were able to get fantastic, meaningful images of them together.
A little walk down the corridor from the main house took us to the 'Orangery' where their wedding breakfast was to be held. At this time of the day, the lit candelabras looked even more stunning in this grand space, helped by the black clouds setting in. There was elements of buttons (Angie's maiden name), table names of geographical importance and a mixture of neutral flowers and handmade textures, finished off by their cake, gorgeously made by Cake and Flavour with vintage ruffles as the main design.
The only thing that was left was to entertain the masses with three heartfelt and funny speeches before cutting the cake and then witnessing the dancing prowess of the men and women in her majesty's finest with The London Funk Project applying the tunes.
Personally, I wanted to thank them for slightly shortening my life a little with a damn fine bottle of whiskey and I'm happy to say that its only the start of another great friendship.