Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nikki & Tom's Wedding

Although being asked to photograph your friends wedding comes with a little extra pressure, it is a huge honour to do so. I've known Nikki & Tom for a long time now, ever since college, so this was a very special wedding for me.
They were married at St James' in Louth, a church that has meant a great deal to me growing up. My grandparents lived 'next door' for many years and always remember the stunning views that the church created from almost every window of their house. So with this in mind it was lovely to be able to photograph a wedding there.
As expected, Nikki & Tom's wedding was all about having fun and enjoying themselves but there were many contemporary elements that were carefully chosen by the couple running throughout the day, ice pops and table scrabble spring to mind! There were also a few traditional touches like the service and the beautiful classic car that Nikki arrived to the church in. Also, Tom is a big cricket fan so I wasn't surprised to hear Jerusalem blaring out of the organ when it came time for our second hymn!
It was also nice to join the boys at the pub before the ceremony, especially as my twin brother Gavin and good friend Ben were both ushers for the day.
After viewing the images, Tom's sister Kate has booked me for her wedding in August. It's nice to be the 'Hawkins' official wedding photographer ;-)