Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Kristen & Matt's Pre-Wedding Shoot

So when my sister asked me to play some part in photographing her wedding in September I was naturally very honoured! I have alway been very  close to Kristen & having this opportunity to give her & her fiance some very special images of their day was something I simply couldn't turn down. 
So... when Kristen & Matt were back for a week of ‘manic’ wedding planning last month we set aside a day to do their pre-wedding shoot. They have lived & worked in Ohio for a fair few years now and the style and look of their images was very important to them. Both Kristen & Matt are very talented fashion designers for ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’ so I knew the pressure was on!! They wanted a very vintage, british theme for their guest book so we decided to visit two very contrasting locations. One was the beautiful, historic city of Lincoln and the other was more rural in the countryside near our childhood home in Lincolnshire. The shoot turned out to be something very special...