Sunday, 25 May 2014

Antoinette & Sukhi's Pre-Wedding Shoot

The epic pre-wed of Antoinette & Sukhi, spanning a year and a half, is next on the list of pre-wed's to feature. This needs an explanation I know, so here goes! As the guys were planning such a massive event stretching over two days, with an English & Indian wedding, I thought it was worthwhile to meet up in Bridgnorth. There's no better way to get to know each other than to get the camera out and take a few 'warm up' shots of the guys while having a good chat about their plans. Fast forward 16 months and it was time for their proper 'all singing & dancing' pre-wed and as the guys live in London, I travelled down in May to meet up once again. Having the beautiful Shropshire countryside on my doorstep, I always relish the opportunity to photograph a couple in a more urban, city environment and there's no place better than central London itself! They took me on a round trip showcasing all the locations that had played some part in their relationship so far. The highlight had to be the stunning and colourful Leadenhall Market and all the history that goes with it.
It was a real joy to spend this time with Antoinette & Sukhi. The guys were a pleasure to photograph and as you can see from the images below, we spent the whole two days laughing our heads off!
Their wedding will be the biggest event I have had the honour to photograph so far, including my first Indian celebrations, so remember to check back for that later in the year.

one and a half years earlier in Bridgnorth...